The game-changing
digital asset trading platform
built for traders,
by traders


Benzedi will be incorporated and located in the UK. We see this as being an important place for the future development of the industry. We are proud to be British.


We will be implementing a wide array of best practise security methods, including: cold-storage, regular pen tests, company reserves, world-class development & exchange functionality.


We heavily considered functionality when designing our user interface. There are several features built and being built that help make trading more efficient.


We will be working with a specialised, experienced law team to ensure compliance. Similarly setting up channels of communication to relevant government bodies.


It's important to us that people can rely on the platform 24/7 365 days a year. Therefore uptime & efficiency is a priority to us. Support & response times will also follow this.


One of our specifications was to allow very fast trading and high capacity limits. This works in-part with our reliability & efficiency. Sophisticated API functionality is also available.

The Team

All great things have to start somewhere and for us this is our team.

Ben Morley

Founder & CEO